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Residential Western Europe (RWE)

Residential Western Europe was established in December 2007.
RWE focused on a major pioneering residential development of over 110,000 sqm in the Merl district of Luxembourg City. The first construction phase started in 2008. The last building will be delivered in the second half of 2022.

The “Les Jardins de Luxembourg” project consists of more than 23 residential buildings,
1 office building, 1 business centre, shops and local services gathered around a new public space. Residents, workers, students and families can come together and enjoy all the advantages of this new urban landscape.

173% performance since the launch of the project

99,99 % housing sales rate

23 buildings #Residential #Offices #Care #Retail

700 house units sold


Construction and marketing

Résidence Terra Nova

6,656 m² total GFA
63 apartments
Delivered February 2011
Sold 100%


Terra verde

Résidence Terra Verde

9,016 m² total GFA
58 apartments; 2,800 m² of businesses
Delivered September 2014
Sold 100 %


Residence Terra Luna

6,204 m² total GFA
51 apartments; 230 m² of businesses
Delivered May 2012
Sold 100% (residential part)


Résidence Terra Bella

Résidence Terra Bella

3,797 m² total GFA
22 apartments; 789 m² of businesses
Delivered October 2014
Sold 100%


Résidence La Perle

1,226 m² total GFA
13 apartments
Delivered 2013
Sold as a unit to a single investor


White Pearl

8,640 m² total GFA
“Very Good” BREEAM-certified office space
Delivered November 2015
Sold June 2015


Résidence Acqua VIVA

13,935 m² total GFA
87 apartments (2,200 M2 of businesses)
Delivered July 2016
Sold 100%


Résidence Trilogy

7,090 m² total GFA
28 high standing apartments
Delivered October 2016
Sold 96%


Résidence Acqua Perla

13,218 m² total GFA
95 apartments
Delivered September 2017
Sold 98%


Résidence Green Park

7,097 m² total GFA
58 apartments
Delivered July 2018
Sold 100 %


Résidence Jade

8,900 m² total GFA
70 apartments
Delivered September 2015
Sold 100 %


Résidence White Shade

5,069 m² total GFA
20 high standing apartments
Delivered September 2019
Sold 90%