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Long Term Property Development Europe (LTPDE)

1. The sub-fund

The Long Term Properties Development Europe (“LTPDE”) sub-fund has been active since 1 December 2018. Its investment policy involves land acquisition for real estate developments (residential, offices and business) and the acquisition of existing properties that generate or may generate rental income. 

This sub-fund is currently in the investment and development phase.

Investment horizon 10-15 years

2. Investment zone

This sub-fund can invest in all eurozone member countries. Currently, investments focus on the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, Belgium and France.

3. Investment strategy

LTPDE aims to provide long-term security for this revenue by focusing on acquiring medium-sized assets, significant diversification by the number of assets held, their allocation (undeveloped land, medium-sized offices, local businesses,…) and their geographical location.

LTPDE aims to invest in the eurozone and, more specifically, in central Europe, where the financial climate is generally favourable and stable. 

4. Background

The LTPDE sub-fund has been active since 1 December 2018. In principle, it has four years to carry out its investments. 

5. The assets

Office building located in Windhof (L)

Total surface area: 8.700 m2

Universalis Park – Bruxelles

Universalis Park residential development - Brussels (B)

Total surface area for development: 94,969 m2

Office building located in Seclin (F):

Total surface area: 3,500 m2


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