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Assisted Living Core (ALC)

1. The sub-fund

The policy of the Assisted Living Core (“ALC”) sub-fund is to acquire, develop, finance, manage and sell real estate assets in the health sector and services such as care homes, nursing homes, rehabilitation clinics for the elderly, clinics, etc.

ALC’s goal is to lease out its assets under long-term contracts to one of the world leaders in the sector of health for the elderly.

Investment horizon 5 to 7 years

2. Investment zone

This sub-fund can invest in all eurozone member countries as well as in Switzerland.

3. The market

ALC’s strategy is therefore based on the demographic evolution of the ageing population in Europe, the resulting specific needs in terms of care and housing and the lack of available public resources to finance specific property infrastructure.

The population of Europe is ageing. In 1950, only 12% of Europeans were over 65 and forecasts show this age group will exceed 36% of the population by 2050 due to the birth rate and longevity. Formerly, European families had an average of more than two children and life expectancy was lower: 66 years in 1950 compared to 78 years on average, today.

The number of people requiring care is steadily increasing.

These trends thus confirm the long-term growing needs for specific building infrastructures. 

4. Background

ALC was authorized on 20 November 2019, it has 4 years to carry out its investments.

The first period for subscribing to this sub-fund will be during the first semester of 2020.

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  • Date of incorporation

    (first subscription period is underway)

  • Targeted AuM

    +/- 500 M €

  • Investment period


  • Subscriptions

    open until December 31, 2020

  • Expected IRR (capital+bonds)