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Defensive Residential Europe 2.0.

1. The sub-fund

The policy of the Defensive Residential Europe 2.0. sub-fund (“DRE”) is to acquire, lease, manage and sell apartments by resorting little to leverage.

The goal of DRE is to invest in a large number of new, high quality residential real estate developments (houses, apartments, student accommodation,…) built in compliance with the latest environmental standards ((HQE, energy saving, etc.), preferably in up-and-coming towns and neighbourhoods in order to benefit from (indexed) rental income from such housing and increase its overall performance by obtaining capital gains on the sale of apartments.

Investment horizon 5 to 7 years.

2. Investment zone

This sub-fund can invest in all eurozone member countries as well as in Switzerland.

3. The market

Residential real estate is more stable in terms of price and levels of rent; it is also less correlated to economic cycles than commercial real estate. Residential real estate is a primary need in life and is not purely based on economic reasoning.

In a context of sustained low or even negative interest rates and a prolonged lack of inflation, investments in residential real estate and alternative housing (student residences, senior residences, social housing…) constitutes an investment opportunity that aims to preserve the return on investment while providing a degree of diversification, and therefore, spreading risk, all from a responsible approach.

DRE’s strategy is, therefore, based on demographic trends and the need to house the population in Europe

4. Background

DRE was authorized on 20 November 2019, it has 4 years to carry out its investments.

The first period for subscribing to this sub-fund will be during the first semester of 2020.

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  • Date of incorporation

    (first subscription period is underway)

  • Targeted AuM

    +/- 200 M €

  • Investment period


  • Subscriptions

    open until December 31, 2020

  • Expected IRR